Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Comparing tents to the Arctic Oven

Here is a forum of those wondering if the Arctic Oven tent would be the best for them.

Tundra Medicine Dreams: The Arctic Adventure

Tundra Medicine Dreams: The Arctic Adventure

For a week we will live in the most amazing tents with wood stoves in them known as Arctic Ovens. They are so well constructed that you can camp out in 40-below weather and be comfortable. And it can be that cold in early April in the Arctic. Aliy said one year they were having a hard time getting the Arctic Ovens set up and wondering why the fabric was so stiff; Allen looked at a thermometer and it was minus 50! I am very much hoping that we will be blessed with a little more warmth than that; zero to ten above would be great.

Nils Arctic Oven Photo

Dear Alaska Tent and Tarp,

Here’s a photo of our Arktika in action. It was our first trip with the new tent. For the sake of science we experimented to see how warm it would get. With the outside temperature around -10 F, we stoked up the fire. We stopped the experiment when the inside temperature was 120 F! We couldn’t bear the heat anymore.


Some pics from Antarctica- AO 10x20 Links

Great pics of the Arctic Oven 10x20. Lots of room.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Check out the snow load on this tent!

We had a customer go out camping and find that after they set up camp, a blizzard hit. Wet, heavy snow covered the campers and their gear. The customer found that it was safer to leave than to hold out in the blizzard. They returned 2 weeks later, expecting that their tents were flattened and would not be found, only to have to avoid running them over with the snow machine. There was about 30 inches of the wet snow built up and the tents held up. This is not suggested, but the customer was impressed with the Arctic Oven tent.

Friday, December 5, 2008

A couple days ago there was an article in the Fairbanks Daily News Miner about a hiker distressed in the Brooks Range. He was lacking experience and mostly common sense but a local to the Brooks Range said:

“He had second-hand gear that barely fit him,” he said. “The only thing he had going for him was he had a really good Arctic Oven Tent and he was going to have to haul that and all his food in a sled behind him.”

here is a link to the article-

Old article about the AO10

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